ZANI SHOW is a production company and agency based in Hong Kong. We value long term partnership with artists, clients and suppliers and we are committed to providing the highest standard of quality to our productions.


Very unique in Hong Kong and Macau, these characters represent country icons that will immediately set the stage for your event.
Symbols of France are particularly represented with the giant walking Eiffel tower on stilts, andits brown chocolate color counterpart, 
 the French feathers sisters, the French painter and Mister Tricolor. For the USA, we have the famous Statue of Liberty, the giant cow boy, and two versions of Uncle Sam.​​​For Latin America come the Mexican musician with its guitar and inflated cactus and the
 Brazilian couple on stitls. Combined together, these characters give an international flavor to trade fairs, or gala dinners of Hong kong and Macau events.
New characters can be tailor made to suit your particular theme.
Since 2012, ZANI SHOW have won us the trust of top Theme parks, major retailers, big corporations and creative PR agencies in Asia.