ZANI SHOW is a production company and agency based in Hong Kong. We value long term partnership with artists, clients and suppliers and we are committed to providing the highest standard of quality to our productions.


We were the first to introduce statue mime performances in Hong Kong and Macau.
And we still work with the best mimes in Hong Kong and Macau. The obvious statue mime characters are the White Statue, the Golden 
Oscar and the Egyptian Mummy.
Body painted statues are another specialty. They require on site preparation as well as a secure and warm environment. Controlling the level of air condition in particular can be a challenge in 
Hong Kong and Macau.
Some of our interactive characters can also be used as frozen statues like the Golden Boy or Pierrot & Colombine.
Since 2012, ZANI SHOW have won us the trust of top Theme parks, major retailers, big corporations and creative PR agencies in Asia.